I have booked the couple’s session with Jonathan as a present for my husband. I felt a bit uneasy as I never had therapy done at home and generally would only have one if we are on holiday. However, from the start to the end, Jonathan made it easy for us to book and organise the sessions. He had all the necessary equipment, and I loved that I did not have to leave my 6-month girls for very long.


I found Jonathan very knowledgeable about aromatherapy and oils. I instantly knew I was in safe hands and was able to trust Jonathan’s recommendations. Jonathan took the time to explain to me different oils and their benefits. He helped me to find suitable oils for my needs and enjoy a rejuvenating experience. The blend of oils was just perfect for me and very suitably matched – thanks to Jonathan.

I left feeling 100% refreshed and relaxed. Great music and aromatherapy. I felt totally comfortable and relaxed.


It is just the best massage I ever had. I left feeling relaxed with no tension in my muscles or joints. Jonathan listened to everything I needed done and applied just the right amount of pressure when needed. I highly recommend him for a good massage. He is professional and courteous. He is knowledgeable and insightful. I have received great therapy. I do not want to say that it was just a massage; it was a complete aromatherapy experience and was simply out of this world and made a massive change to my wellbeing. It helped me to feel better about myself, mainly as I just gave birth to twins. Hands down, this is the best therapy I’ve ever. It’s amazing. Not only do I feel incredible, but I was able to relax and joyful again. Possibly the best quality-of-life decision I’ve ever made for myself to book Jonathan. I offer my highest recommendation. Thank you, Jonathan!

As I said initially, I was a bit worried as I never had therapy done at home, but I can genuinely say booking with Jonathan was possibly the best quality-of-life decision I’ve ever made for myself. I offer my highest recommendation. Thank you, Jonathan!

ALENA, Senior Tax Advisor - Aromatherapy / Massage

During my visit this time in London I have been working out with a PT doing boxing. I had received a massage which was nice but thats all I can say as it was not deep tissue. I asked my PT if he knew anyone who could give a deep tissue massage. I was then introduced to Jonathan.

I explained about the previous massage and that I was looking for a deep tissue sports massage. From the get go Jonathan did just that. Not only was the pressure was deep but was accurate finding tension in my feet and shoulders like never before and at times challenging. From the first massage the next day I felt Jonathan had given my body back to me, ready for the work ahead. Then over the next few massages although still deep tissue and through I felt my muscles become less knotted and more fluid with regular tension. On one occasion I had pulled a muscle in my lower back, Jonathan’s massages normally involves some stretches too, on this occasion he didn’t do any stretches but did cupping instead. Having thought I was unable to train the next day and was preparing to cancel my appointment, I woke feeling refreshed and was not just able to train but enjoy the training as well. Throughout Jonathan always checked in post treatment to see how I was the following day.

As I was impressed with Jonathan’s professionalism and his massages I was confident in recommending Jonathan’s services to two people I know. When I am back in the country I will be looking forward to resuming massage services once again.

SAM ROCKWELL, Actor - Sports Massage / Deep Tissue

I came across the details of Jonathan’s mobile massage  service completely by chance. It’s evident that Jonathan works from the heart and genuinely cares about the experience of each treatment his client receives He is very professional, with healing hands and a true gift.

Jonathan treated me with respect and dignity and I felt instantly at ease with him. I feel wonderful after my massage and I did not realise quite how much tension I was carrying  in my shoulders and neck!

Thank you Jonathan, I will definitely be booking another massage.

SIMONE, PA & Healer - Holistic Massage with Hot Stones

I booked a 90 minute massage with Jonathan as I discovered (via Google) his home studio was only 10mins walk from my house. After a warm welcome and a brief consultation period Jonathan give a brilliant deep full body massage, which included stretching, keeping me informed of the areas that were in good shape but also those that  needed more work.

The session was a thoroughly relaxing experience and I will definitely be booking more sessions with Jonathan in 2018. I found Jonathan to be very professional.

DAN, Finance - Deep Tissue

I have treatments from Jon regularly to keep my body tuned, relaxed and de-stressed. I have a stressful job and work at a computer all day so the holistic massage I get from Jon really helps to loosen up the tension in my muscles and leaves me totally relaxed. He has an amazing touch and his hands seem to feel exactly where they need to focus and work on those muscles that need it, whilst soothing the rest of me into a blissful state.

DAVID, Marketing Director - Sports Massage / Deep Tissue

I was immediately put at ease on my visit to Jonathan. During the massage Jonathan explained all that he was doing and showed professionalism and care in all that he did. Jonathan asked about any aches, pains or areas that concerned me. I would recommend Jonathan in an instant.

CHRIS, Nutritionalist - Holistic Massage / Deep Tissue / Hands Free

I have been troubled with neck pain and stiffness with subsequent headaches for most of my adult life. As a result, I have been to my fair share of physios, osteopaths and chiropractors. Most get the situation under control and within a few days the headache subsides. On rare occasions, I have seen a ‘physio’ and walked in to the room with a headache, then walked out without one.

Such was the case with Jon. I had been troubled with a progressive headache for the better part of 3 weeks when I saw Jon, but left the headache behind when I left the room. To say I was delighted is an understatement. I remain headache free more than 2 weeks after seeing him.

Jon was friendly, courteous, professional and sympathetic to my situation, but more to the point, effective. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with muscle strain or even just for a relaxing massage.

DAVID, Vet - Holistic Massage / Deep Tissue / Hands Free

I recently booked Jon for a massage at home for myself and my husband and was extremely impressed by the experience.

Jon immediately inspired confidence with his professional attitude and friendly approach.  He spent some time initially consulting on any particular issues I was experiencing, before a more general assessment to ensure he was working on the right areas for me.  I felt completely at ease in Jon’s hands and enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing, de-stressing massage.  He not only worked on the problem areas I was aware of, but I was particularly  impressed by the way he seemed very instinctively to find the knots and tension elsewhere in my body and dealt with those too.  Jon was careful to check that the pressure was right for me throughout the massage ensuring I was always comfortable.

Having a home visit was an enormous benefit as this meant my husband and I could relax properly at home following the massage and really feel the benefits of the treatment.  Whether you’re looking to take care of a specific injury or just in need of general maintenance treatment I would not hesitate to recommend a visit from Jon.

LLOYD, IT - Holistic Massage / Thai Table / Hands Free / Deep Tissue

Fantastic massage therapist. Selected the most beautiful selection of oils to put in my diffuser then got to work. First time the knots in my shoulder muscles have been fully unravelled for many years. Thank you so much!

JENNY, Doctor - Sports Massage / Deep Tissue / Hands Free

Jon genuinely cares about his patients and their well being, which makes him an exceptional masseuse.

JOANNE, Accountant - Holistic Massage

I suffer from terrible lower back pain after an accident while walking my dog. I ended up with three slipped discs. Jon has healing hands. He was able to identify where all the muscles were spasming and to release them. It was such a relief. I was able to walk pain free for the first time in ages. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

GRAHAM, Jazz Fusion Singer - Holistic Massage / Deep Tissue / Hands Free

Thank you, Jonathan for your outstanding massage service. You are the first masseuse that has been able to relieve my abnormally tight hamstrings, which I suffer from when playing rugby. The massage itself isn’t the only great part of the service. The atmosphere that Jonathan creates within the comfort of your home is great. I highly recommend booking a massage with Jonathan.

MICHAEL, Rugby Player - Sports Massage

Jon is a really good masseuse, I have been seeing him regularly now for over a year. He works hard to find the areas of tension in my body working on them to help them release. He works with a firm gentleness using the right amount where it is needed. This has helped me with the continuing healing of a frozen and damaged shoulders. Heartily recommended.

PAUL, Amatsu Therapist - Holistic Massage / Deep Tissue

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