Jonathan Hitchcock, Dipl. ITEC, FHT

I have a passion for helping others and enjoy working with the individual needs of my client. Qualified in Sports, Deep Tissue, Holistic and Hot Stones massage, as well as Oriental Cupping for rebalancing the body, I bring all of these techniques together to create a unique massage specific to each client’s needs and preferences.

Whatever your lifestyle is there is a massage treatment for you, whether treating tension caused from a busy and stressful day or releasing knots and tightness from varied levels of sporting activities. The treatment can differ from session to session depending on what I find at the time of treatment. I use my years of experience training myself in the gym and an understanding of the issues of sporting lifestyles to deliver both pre and post event treatments.

Sports or Deep Tissue massage is not only for active people, and depending on their preferred pressure of treatment others may also enjoy this more through massage.

For a more relaxing massage, using Holistic and Hot Stones to release soft tissue tension is an excellent way to unwind and re-energise.

Oriental Cupping is a myofascial release, encouraging the blood flow to the surface. This treatment releases stagnation within the body, improves circulation and activates the lymphatic system. Cupping is another way of reaching deep tissue and sporting professionals often use this to aid their recovery between events.

How I work


Before we start the massage I will always do an initial consultation, to learn about your diet, lifestyle and any medical conditions which may be relevant. From this, we will discuss your preferences and goals and any areas of focus for you.


An initial assessment of your posture to gain knowledge of what muscles are affected. Once obtained this information I will be guiding you through the sports massage treatment, working on the areas that need attention as well as other areas discovered during the massage.

For the massage, I will bring my own massage table, towels, oils, and all other equipment needed. All you need to provide is a space large enough for the table with room to move around it, then just lie back, relax and enjoy the massage.

I tend to work with clients who are looking for an on-going therapy, to include massage into their wellbeing routine on a regular basis, which has the maximum effect. Of course, I’m happy to offer a one-off or ad-hoc service as needed.


Jonathan Hitchcock, Dip.ITEC, FHT
Mobile: 07841 528700

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